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For more than 150 years Legacy Treatment Services has been providing clinical interventions to children, youth, families and individuals.

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Our range of programs and services reflects our commitment to our mission and our dedication to excellence. We are experts in responding to the wide variety of needs, diagnosis and behaviors of our consumers. Our clinical staff are trained in evidence-based models that are trauma-informed and support our clients’ successes.


Legacy’s mission of supporting individuals from surviving to thriving is the cornerstone for providing state-of-the-art services and best practices in multiple levels of care. This continuum of care provides continuity and stability in our wide range of expert services. Since we respond to children, youth and adults who have a variety of complex needs, we ensure that our multidisciplinary staff is well-trained and mission-driven. Our programs are individualized, strength-based and trauma-informed. They include:


With locations across New Jersey, Legacy Treatment Services offers a comprehensive continuum that meets adults, children and families at their specific points of need.

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